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Sustainably sourced sanitary disposal bags

FabLittleBag is more than just a product; it’s a movement. By choosing us, you become part of a community driving responsible choices during menstrual cycles. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey and for making a substantial, positive difference with FabLittleBag.

Together, we embrace period positivity and environmental responsibility.

Never be caught out again with no bin or a blocked loo!

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The Best Disposal Method.


You say...

These bags are amazing, does the job well and so neat.
Tshidi - 30 Oct 2021
The conversation with my 12 year old daughter was much easier with perfect disposal solution. She doesn't feel embarrassed, the bags seal, and we feel better knowing it is the most environmentally friendly and hygienic solution.
Karen - 19 Dec 2021
The best! The bags are cute and they close (seal) so well. I carry them everyday with me in my pad case. They are super discreet.
Nomfundo - 04 Jan 2022
Spent 4 days on the Orange River kayaking and needed a solution to discreetly "bin" feminine items without feeling embarrassed. No odours, super easy to use. Highly recommended!
Ursula - 20 Sep 2022
What an absolute find ! Sooo compact, clever open and close. And sustainably sourced. No more fears of toilet blocking with tampons or wipes. This should be a must for everyone's toilet. Brilliant !!
Joanie - 26 Oct 2022
I really love these bags. I'm able to keep everything neat and discreet.
Shallotte - 26 Dec 2022
This is certainly my best buy in years. So personal, so discreet and most importantly hygienic.
Khomotso - 08 Mar 2023
This is both a clever idea and a much better solution than flushing. Discreet and easy to keep in your pocket or bag.
Fern - 29 Mar 2023

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No pollution

Sustainably sourced

Opens one handed

Seals closed


No blockages

No smells

No smears